1. trans-parenting:

    And for those of you who are more visual.  Here are some comic representations of dysphoria and/or pieces of it.

    From top to bottom:
    Becoming Me
    Transgirl Next Door
    Manic Pixie Girl

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  4. maliciousmelons:

    They say whoever smelt it dealt it so technically this weed is yours officer

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  5. ranger-sebastian-vael:

    May your favorite old character still be alive in Inquisition.


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  7. spicyshimmy:

    every day of the year before november 18th: “is it november 18th yet? is it november 18th yet? is it november 18th? is it? NOVEMBER? 18TH? is it? is it? is it?”

    november 18th: silence. nothing but silence. we have all gone. we are lost to the world forever. farewell

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    Greyscale Goods Wants To Help You Build the Androgynous Wardrobe of Your Dreams

    Sara Medd is a woman on a mission. That mission is to help you find all of the androgynous and otherwise gender-neutral garb you’ve been looking for all your life.

    Sara Medd chatting with Robin Roemer and 2012 Calendar Girls Kelli Griggs and Ashley LaRocque. Photo via Sara Tollefson.

    Sara Medd chatting…